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Digital Editable Graduation Kit

Digital Editable Graduation Kit

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This graduation kit will be filled with all the goodies below that you can use for your custom grad items, or you can resell these as digital products to start making passive income.

This kit will come with all Canva digital products so you can edit, use and resell or use for your own craft business
1.)Editable designs
• shirt designs
• stole designs
• magazine graduation designs
•  grad pillow design
2.) mock-ups
•mockups with shirt
•button, etc
3.) templates (for stole, shirt, etc
4.) editable mockups to add on pic
5.) time and temp sheet
6.) holiday calendar
7.) Grad ebook (can’t resell)
8.) Done For you grad captions
9.) grad price sheet
10.) Grunge effects for shirt
11.) Graduation price packages
12.) Party favor templates
13.) Party favor editable design bundle
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